the north remembers.
The snow fell and the castle rose. It was only a castle when she began, but before very long, Sansa knew it was Winterfell.


If he wants me b r o k e n, then I will have to be whole.

a song of theories

A blog where you can read about theories and discussions regarding prophecies, mysteries and potential secret identities in A Song of Ice and Fire. There will be spoilers in this blog, but you can avoid them easily. Feel free to ask questions, check out our previous meta and submit your own theories. 

MAY / JUN / JUL - a mix that accompanies the season of summer *sun emoji* *sunglasses smiley emoji* (x)

Neuschwanstein Castle Schwangau, Germany

The Tullys drew their strength from the river, and it was 
to the
river they returned when their lives had run their

Endless list of favourite films: [5/?] - X-Men: First Class (2011)

      ↳ "Mutant, and proud."

"No one will ever marry me for love"

A Storm of Swords, Chapter 68

my friend actually sent me the photos she took and they’re better than mine so wooo here are pictures of me in a bright blue dress;

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You graduated right? Did you post photos ?

lol idk how long ago this was sent because im a terrible blogger but yeah here are some

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